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Role of Large Intestine in Digestion »

large Intestine

After the completion of digestion process in Small Intestine, the remaining food pulp passes-on to The Large Intestine i.e. The Final Stage of Digestion. This Large Intestine is about Five Feet long and from two to three inches in diameter. It is also known as Large Bowel. The first three-fourth » » » »


Digestion in The Small Intestine »

Small Intestine

The Small Intestine plays a significant role in digestion of food. The partially digested food from The Stomach passes on into the Small Intestine, where it is acted upon by two other Digestive Juices – The Bile, which comes from the Liver, and the Pancreatic Juice, which is secreted by the Pancreas. Liver and Pancreas Juices » » » »