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8 Top Anti-aging Foods »

olive oil

Although any healthy diet will prove helpful in making you feel younger than your actual age, but if you desire to look like 25 at the age of 40, then you must include the following listed 8 foods in your daily routine that are especially meant for anti-aging.     » » » »


Milk: Dietary Facts, Risks and Milk Disease Prevention »

child drinking Milk

Milk and milk products provide a great deal of Health benefits. Milk: What it contains & why it is important? Milk is an interesting food of enormous value as it contains in itself all three of the great classes of food-stuffs, i.e. Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fats. The Protein present in » » » »


Calories: Definition, Importance of Calories, Measurement of Calories »

bomb calorie-meter

Definition “CALORIE is generally described as a heat unit and food value unit. It is basically the amount of heat necessary to raise the temperature of one gram of water by 1 degree Celsius”   From the definition, it is now clear that a calorie is a unit of measuring » » » »