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Why do We Need to Cook our Food? »

Healthy Food Cooking

Just pick up a group of 10 people and ask each of them the same question, You will wonder that everyone of them will be having different opinions. This is because of the fact that many of us, does not even feel the importance of such questions. But this is very » » » »


Constipation: causes and Cure for Constipation »


Constipation is a common disease, which affect majority of the people. Constipation is not only associated with the stomach and the bowel movement, as is generally supposed, though they are partially responsible. But the actual cause is somewhere else, which can be understood very easily if we have basic understanding » » » »


Digestion in The Small Intestine »

Small Intestine

The Small Intestine plays a significant role in digestion of food. The partially digested food from The Stomach passes on into the Small Intestine, where it is acted upon by two other Digestive Juices – The Bile, which comes from the Liver, and the Pancreatic Juice, which is secreted by the Pancreas. Liver and Pancreas Juices » » » »