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Vitamin B12 – Health Benefits and Sources »

vitamin B12

From our side we always try to adopt a balanced and nutritious diet. Well all Vitamins and micro-nutrients are essential for our good health, but vitamin B-12 is one such element, lack of which is much more detrimental for our health. Let us understand how it is important to our health: Vitamin » » » »


Interesting Facts about Proteins »

protein foods

Proteins are the most important elements in our daily diet. We can live very well for many days without carbohydrates or fats, but regular consumption of protein foods is the absolute necessity. They are the only ones which contain nitrogen, which is essential to animal life. Protein is the great builder » » » »


Milk: Dietary Facts, Risks and Milk Disease Prevention »

child drinking Milk

Milk and milk products provide a great deal of Health benefits. Milk: What it contains & why it is important? Milk is an interesting food of enormous value as it contains in itself all three of the great classes of food-stuffs, i.e. Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fats. The Protein present in » » » »


Calories: Definition, Importance of Calories, Measurement of Calories »

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Definition “CALORIE is generally described as a heat unit and food value unit. It is basically the amount of heat necessary to raise the temperature of one gram of water by 1 degree Celsius”   From the definition, it is now clear that a calorie is a unit of measuring » » » »


PROTEINS – The First Foods – Importance of Proteins »

Proteins are the most important elements in our daily diet. That is why; these are called the FIRST FOODS. There are proteins in both animals and vegetables; and no one can support life without protein in some form. This is because proteins alone contain sufficient amounts of the great element » » » »