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How to Keep your Teeth Healthy »

Healthy Teeth

The best rule to keep every organ in our body in healthy condition is to give it plenty of exercise, and this is also true for our teeth. The best exercise for teeth is thorough chewing, or masticating all our food. Not only carbohydrates such as breads, biscuits, and cereals, » » » »


Benefits of Chewing your Food Properly – Healthy Eating »

healthy eating girl

Properly Chewing our Food or What we say “Thorough mastication” has a great deal of benefits to offer as far as our health is concerned. And invariably, the improper chewing may do exactly the opposite. Most of us eat too rapidly, whether it is from lack of hard foods, which » » » »


Role of Saliva in Digestion »

Saliva and Digestion are very closely related to each other; especially in the case of Starch (or Carbohydrates) Foods. Saliva is basically a juice secreted by some Glands called Salivary Glands; which help in melting and converting the taken Food in the form of Starch  into Sugar (or Glucose) for » » » »