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Why to Eat Fruits? »

Why to Eat Fruits

All of us have natural carving for fruits because of their great taste & flavors. But apart from these, fruits have abundance of benefits to offer as far as our health is concerned. 80% content in all fruits is water, thus the energy values of fruits is not so good. » » » »


Nuts and Health – is eating Nuts good for You? »

nuts and health

Nuts are generally the seeds of the trees, enclosed in shells. Nuts are regarded as nutrient-dense foods. As a general rule, nuts are regarded as containing large amount of Fats, fair amount of Proteins, and low amount of Carbohydrates. On account of their high fat content, nuts provide a large » » » »



MOST NUTRITIOUS MEATS: Weight for weight, most of the butcher’s meats – PORK, MUTTON – have about the same food value, differing chiefly in the amount of fat that is mixed in with their fibers, and in certain flavoring substances, which give them, when roasted, or broiled, their special flavors. » » » »


PROTEINS – The First Foods – Importance of Proteins »

Proteins are the most important elements in our daily diet. That is why; these are called the FIRST FOODS. There are proteins in both animals and vegetables; and no one can support life without protein in some form. This is because proteins alone contain sufficient amounts of the great element » » » »