Butter – Easy to Digest Fat Food – Best Fat Food for Children

Butter – Easy to Digest Fat Food – Best Fat Food for Children

February 24, 2013

Yes, Butter is the most useful, Easily Digested, Wholesome and Best Fat food for Growing Children. That is why; this is the single fat food that is in greatest demand.

Why Salt is added to the Butter?

This, as we have seen, is the churned and concentrated fat of milk, to which a little salt is added to keep the milk-acid (Lactic Acid) which cannot be entirely washed out of it, from “turning it sour” or rancid. The addition of salt to butter in the strength 20-25 grms per Kg postpones or prevents the fermentation. The rancid, offensive taste of bad or “strong” butter is due to the formation of another acid call Butyric (“buttery”) acid.

Butter is Most Easily Digestable Fat Food; But it should be SWEET

Butter is the best and most wholesome of our common fats because it is Most Easily Digested, Most readily absorbed Fat Food. We should be particularly careful, even more so almost than with other foods, to see that it is perfectly sweet and good, because when we swallow rancid butter, we are simply swallowing a ready-made attack of indigestion. Most people’s stomachs are strong enough to deal with small amounts of rancid butter without discomfort; but it is a strain on them that ought to be avoided, especially when good butter is simply a matter of strict cleanliness and care in handling and churning the cream, and of keeping the butter cool after it has been made. So be Careful, Bitterness in butter, even in minimal amount, is dangerous to digestion.

Butter for Growing Children

Plenty of sweet butter is one of the most important and necessary elements in our diet, especially in childhood. And if children are allowed to eat pretty nearly as much as they want of it on their bread or potatoes, and plenty of its liquid form, cream, on their berries and puddings, it will save the necessity of many a dose of cod-liver oil, or bitter physic. Cream is far superior to either cod-liver or castor oil for keeping us in health.

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