Why to Eat Fruits?

Why to Eat Fruits?

May 2, 2013

All of us have natural carving for fruits because of their great taste & flavors. But apart from these, fruits have abundance of benefits to offer as far as our health is concerned. 80% content in all fruits is water, thus the energy values of fruits is not so good. But the value of fruit should not be judged form presence of these main food nutrients. Fruits contain large amounts of vitamins minerals, anti-oxidants and phyto-nutrients and essential oils which are of immense importance to our health.

Although the main food nutrients are proteins, starches and fats, and these are merely present in them, but this is not the sole criteria to judge the value of fruits. Everything that nature has produced, she must be having a solid reason for that.

Extensive research is taking place all over the world for health benefits of fruits. Evidences show that people who consume large amount of fruits and vegetables are less likely to caught by serious health problems, such as heart disease , cancers & and other chronic health problems.

Other Health benefits of Fruits

  • Various fluids of body are alkaline in nature and fruits helps to keep than so.  Some people complain about acidity because of fruits. This is mainly due to overeating of fruits and the reason is pathological fermentation of fruits in alimentary tract.
  • Fruit are the great cleaning agents for the body. People who take fresh fruits daily generally have a different glow on their faces and their lips are pink. Sharp glow and pink lips is a clear sign of high purity of blood. And if the blood is pure, then no disease has power to affect you, as in reality there is only one disease that is filthiness.
  • As already told, 80% content of all fruits is water and this water is distilled by nature. There is no filter in universe which can provide you the water like this.
  • Most fruits contain certain amount of sugar in them, and sugar in fruits is very different form granulated sugar that comes on our tables. The sugar present in fruits is form of glucose and is directly taken up and used by the body. This sugar, or infect the Glucose in Fruits, is the main reason, that are sometimes feel energized after having the fruits.
  • Fruits offer great prevention against disease called scurvy: Soldiers who live on a diet consisting chiefly of salted or fore served meat, with bread or biscuits & sugar , without fresh fruits & vegetables are likely to develop this disease .


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