Role of anxiety in everyday life

Role of anxiety in everyday life

December 12, 2018

We all have anxiety in common, but the way we perceive our thoughts and the way we respond to them make the difference. We all experience feelings of anxiety in various situations, whether it’s about preparing for a job interview, meeting partner’s family for the first time, our health, our ability to clothe, our family, and of course our ability to be connected and valued by others.

In fact anxiety plays in our lives for better and for worse. Anxiety helps us to get up in the morning and motivates us to step out of our comfort zone. Our most important moments of life are usually not achieved without some sleepless nights. However, sometimes our worrying thoughts go out of control and may become habitual, leading to regular uncomfortable or even distressing, physical symptoms.  Many factors such as our life’s circumstances, our upbringing and our personalities play a significant role in why one person is anxious or not.

Anxiety Meaning

In simple language we can say that a feeling of worry, nervousness or unease about something with an uncertain outcome is called Anxiety. It is a normal and often healthy condition, but when a person regularly feels too much high levels of anxiety, it might become a medical disorder too. This feeling of anxiety at high level can directly affects our health and especially brain.

Effects of Anxiety

In the short-term, it increases your breathing and heart rate, concentrates blood flow to your brain, where you need it. This is the initial stage to face an intense situation. But, if it is increases and you starts feel nauseous and lightheaded and starts loosing concentration for work, then it’s a very serious concern and can have very bad impact on your physical and mental health. It can happen at any stage of life. Women faces this problem more than Men.

The chronic condition of anxiety:

  • can increase the risk of high depression.
  • Heart Palpitations can occur due to panic attacks because of anxiety disorder.
  • It can decrease your interest in sex.
  • It can leave you feeling extreme fatigued.
  • You may also have problem for sleep at night.
  • It can affect your blood pressure.
  • Headache at regular basis occurs due to constant anxiety condition.
  • It can also affect stomach because of nausea and diarrhea due to anxiety.

It is not just felt mentally, unexplained aches and pains can also occur because of this.

How to get rid of Anxiety?

First of all, for getting rid of anxiety, start to increase your confidence and will power. Believe in yourself. Try to not think negative always. Here are some points that can help you to get rid of anxiety.

  • Make a List: Firstly, deeply think about the situations in which you feel more anxious. Write down those things and try to be optimistic about these things. Read them 2-3 times a day.  By knowing your arguments, you will be less afraid of anxiety when it comes. Repeatedly reading the list makes you more confident. The information will be up front in our brain and assuage the anxiety.
  • Yoga and Meditation: Do some yoga and meditation to get rid of anxiety. Even, if your anxiety is due to any condition. Spending some time on your body rather than on your brain is one of the best things you can do for recovery. Meditation helps a lot in anxiety disorder. It gives you peace of mind and you start to feel fresh, motivated and positive.
  • ExerciseStart doing exercise to get rid of anxiety. Movement of body increases endorphins. Hormones are released from the bottom of your feet as you walk. So, walk daily at least for half an hour. It would be better, if you walk with your friend or anyone else with whom you feel nice. It will give you pleasure, physical and mental satisfaction because of the company next to you.
  • Don’t stay alone: Staying alone can increase the condition of anxiety at the high level. Try to spend time with people. Chatting and laughing with others will help you feel less anxious. You can observe that these fears are common in everyone and you will not feel so bad for yourself then. When many people are gathered, there is often fun and laughter and you spend a great time.
  • Create a Routine: One of the best things you can do is start a daily routine of doing things at the same time. Do breakfast, lunch and dinner at same time. Meditate at same time every day. This helps steady your mind, but gives you confidence too. You can feel yourself in your control.
  • Think positive and be Optimistic: Think positive and be optimistic to get rid of anxiety. Anxiety often put a picture in our mind about how we handle that situation. So, for this change that picture and starts to see that situation differently. Be patient. Keep it up. Be optimistic to do the things in which you felt anxious but always be prepare for negative. This will really help you.

With these things, you can boost your confidence and can feel less anxious. So, please take good care of yourself and “keep living healthy”.

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