Weight-Loss: Burning Questions and Their Answers

Weight-Loss: Burning Questions and Their Answers

April 24, 2013


Doctor, please tell me, why it is so that thin people eat so much as compared to fat ones and still not gain?

Doctor: There are two foremost reasons for this:

“First: Thin people are generally more active than fat people and thus use up their food on account of this.

 “Second: Thin people tend to radiate 50% more heat per pound than fat people. Fat people, on the other hand, are regular fireless cookers! That is, they hold the heat in. The food which is also contained therein goes merrily on with evil regularity, depositing itself as fat.


“But, Doctor, is it true that some people inherit the tendency to be fat, and cannot help it, no matter what they do?”

Doctor: No! It is not true. They only need to work a little harder, and that is all. Being fat can be disease with some, due to improper working of the internal secretory glands, such as Thyroid or Generative glands etc. This is not true fat such as you have. Yours is due to overeating and under exercising.

Now, do not tell me that you eat less. You eat too much, no matter how little it seems to you. This is on account of the simple fact that, even if you take only one bird-seed daily and store it away as fat, then it is overeating.

“Those diseased individuals should always be under the care of their physicians”


“But, Doctor dear, is there any use of dieting? I only get fatter after I stop it.”


So many people ask me the same question, with a further pathetic addition; Will they always have to remain on dieting? And it ever irritates me.

Now listen, conversions from dieting are never permanent. If you go this way, You will always have to keep up dieting, till the life lasts, as you do your other routine activities. You will not have to be demanding after you get to normal.


“But, Doctor dear, what are the precautions to be followed for weight reduction?”

Doctor: First of all, keep in mind that No anti-fat medicines should be used, unless under the supervision of your scientific, educated physician. They are very dangerous.

Other than this, be very careful not to indulge yourself in drastic purges, violent exercises, too frequent or prolonged Turkish baths. Epsom salts baths have, but little effect. If salts are used habitually internally, they are very harmful. All of these are unscientific and unsuccessful methods, and the diseases they bring on, are worse than fat.


But Doctor, then, what are the healthy ways and means for successful weight loss?

Doctor: It’s natural for everyone to have a demand for Good figured body. But the ones who are really serious about weight reduction and achieving a great health, should be acquainted with one fact. And the fact is that losing weight is not easy, and it takes commitment. Healthy weight loss is not just a diet plan or Program. It basically requires a change in your lifestyle; that is the long-term changes in daily eating and exercise habits. For detailed information, have a look at step by step Guide for Healthy weight Reduction, by CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, USA)

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