Water and Health – The Complete Guide

Water and Health – The Complete Guide

April 25, 2013

Roughly three-fourths of the human body consists of water. Water is needed in every process that takes place within the body. To be dry is to die. Water is essential for digesting and dissolving food nutrients so that they can be absorbed and utilized by the body. Without water there can’t be any sense of taste, digestion, absorption of food, excretion of debris, and hence no life. Thus we can characterize water as a vehicle with which the nutritive elements are distributed to the billions of cells of the body, and carries waste to the various excretory organs.

Without food, we can live for several weeks, but only a few days without water.

Water – The only Real Beverage

There is but one real beverage and that is water. The other so-called beverages are foods, stimulants or sedatives. Milk is a rich food. Coffee, tea, chocolate and cocoa are stimulants, with sedative after-effects. Chocolate and cocoa are characterized as both drugs and foods. Alcohol is a stimulant at first, afterwards a sedative, and at all times a painkiller.

For the sake of supplying the bodily need of fluid, we should think of water and nothing else. If other liquids are taken, they should be taken as foods or drugs, and not as replacement for water.

Water – Body inside Cleaner

Water is the most important element among the substances which keep our body clean from inside. And inside cleaning is far more important than outside cleaning. A very right have been said about this This filthiness is not of the skin, but of the interior of the body. The blood stream becomes unclean, which becomes the root cause of every disease that is known to mankind” Water is a great aid in freeing the Body from this filthiness. Water washout all the waste substances from the different organs and tissues and carry them to the liver, the lungs, the kidneys and the skin, where they are burned up and removed. We are the walking aquarium. We must keep our bodies well flushed with water, so as to keep a free current of water flowing through our drain-pipes and sewers.  Water keeps our Body from Getting Over-heated.

How much water is needed daily?

Although all our foods, either raw, or cooked and prepared for eating, contain large quantities of water; but this is not enough for the needs of the body. To keep ourselves in good health we must also drink at least six glassfuls, of water in the course of the day. This is the minimum intake and should vary according to the physical activity you do. Those who eat fruits and vegetables in large amounts need less water than those who live more on dry foods.

Water – Precautionary Measures

  • Water should be clean but not pure: Pure water does not exist in nature. Water always contains other matter. The various salts are dissolved in it and it absorbs gases. Pure water is an unsatisfied compound, as it is deprived of all the necessary matter. Bacteria should be practically absent. Water that contains much of nitrogenous substances is also unfit to use.
  • Hardness of water: If the water is very hard, i.e. if it is heavily loaded with salts, it should not be used. If too much of these earthy and mineral matters are taken, the body is unable to get rid of them. And hence they are deposited in body. If the water is very hard, a good plan is to distill it and then add a little of the hard water to the distilled water.
  • Lime in Water: In places where the water is excessively charged with lime it has been noticed that the bones harden too early, which prevents full development of the body. If the bones of the skull are involved, it means that there will not be room enough for the brain.
  • Hot and Cold Water: Hot water and ice-cold water both are irritants. Water may be taken either warm or cool. But extremes should be avoided absolutely.
  • Drinking Water during Meals: This is the common mistake that most of us do. Man is the only animal that does this, ultimately pays for it. Taking a bite and washing it down into stomach lead to under mastication and overeating. As saliva has big role to play in digestion of food. And drinking water during meals does not leave a room for saliva to act. Take all your meals without any fluid. If any desire happen as the meal is finished, take some water slowly.

The water taken in the morning helps the body to cleanse itself. Water drinking plays a good role in overcoming constipation. Constipated people generally overeat. Less food and more water will prove to be helpful in this condition.

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