Role of Kidneys in Human Body

Role of Kidneys in Human Body

March 12, 2013

The Kidneys are another form of Blood-Filter, which deal mainly with waste stuffs in the Blood left from the Proteins or Meats of our food – for e.g. Meat, Fish, Milk, Cheese, Bread, Peas, Beans, etc. These waste-stuffs, called “Urea and Urates” are formed in the Liver and brought in the Blood to the Kidneys.

Basic Functioning of Kidneys

Functioning of the Kidneys starts when a very large Artery carries the Blood from the Aorta to each side of the Kidney, and a large vein carries the purified blood back to the Vena Cava and Heart. Two smaller tubes about the size of a crow quill, i.e. the waste pipes of the kidneys (called The Ureters), carry the water containing Urea and other waste substances strained out by the Kidneys, called Urine, down into a large pouch “The Bladder” to be stored there until it can be got rid of.

Location of Kidneys

These lie on either side of the Backbone, opposite the Small of the Back, their lower ends being level with the highest point of the Hip-Bones, nearly six inches higher than they are usually supposed to be.


“When you think you have a “pain across The Kidneys” it is usually a pain in the Muscles of the Back much lower down, and has nothing to do with the Kidneys at all”


The Basic Structure of Kidneys

The Kidneys then are big Filter-Glands. The Kidneys, like Lungs, are made up of a Mesh or Network of thousands of tiny tubes of two kinds. One set of these tubes are called Blood Vessels, and the other set makes the tiny branches of the Kidney Tubes which finally run together to form the Ureters. The urine filters through from the spongy mesh of Blood Tubes (Capillaries) into the Kidney tubes and is poured out through the Ureters.


It is very important that The Urine should be discharged as fast as it fills the Bladder, that is, about once every three hours during the day; Nothing should be allowed to interfere with this; and whenever nature tells you that the bladder is full, it should be emptied promptly or the Poisons which Nature is trying to get rid of in The Urine may get back into the Blood and cause serious trouble”  


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