Oxygen Use In The Body

Oxygen Use In The Body

March 2, 2013

Although Not Understood, But Oxygen has a Very Important use in Our Body or exactly said to Our Health

Now all of us know that the Prime requirement to keep the fire burning continually is Oxygen. In the Same manner Burning does takes place in our body also.

The Body is actually made up of  millions of tiny living animals called cells, which eat the Food that is brought to them from the blood and pour their waste and dirt back again into the same current of the Blood.

Now, what would happen if we were to throw all the garbage from the Kitchen, and the wash water from the kitchen sink, and the dirty water from the bathroom right into the well out of which we pumped our Drinking Water? We should simply be poisoned within two or three days, if indeed we could manage to drink the disgusting mixture at all. That is exactly what would happen to our body cells if they were not provided with some way of getting rid of their waste and dirt

Part of the waste that comes from our body cells is either Watery or easily dissolved in Water; and this is carried in the blood to a special set of filter organs – the Liver and the kidneys – and poured out of the body as the Urine.

Another part of it, when circulating through the Skin, is passed off in the form of that watery vapor which we call perspiration, or sweat.


Part of the waste can be got rid of only by burning, and what we call burning is another name for combining with oxygen, or to use one word – Oxidation; and this is precisely the purpose of the carrying of oxygen by the little Red Blood Cells from the Lungs to the deeper parts of the body – to burn up, or oxidize, these waste materials which would otherwise poison our cells. When they are burnt, or oxidized, they become almost harmless.

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