The Process of Elimination of Waste From The Body

The Process of Elimination of Waste From The Body

March 13, 2013

When the Food is broken down or burned inside the Body, like every other kind of burning, produces two kinds of Wastes – “Smoke” and “Ashes.”

The carbon dioxide “smoke”, is carried in the Blood to the Lungs, where it passes off in the Breath. The solid part of our Body Waste, or the “Ashes“, is of two kinds

  • that which can be melted in water, i.e. Soluble Part
  • and that which cannot be melted in water or Insoluble Part. The Insoluble Part of our solid body waste goes into the Feces and is thus disposed of.

The soluble part of the body waste goes by a somewhat more roundabout route. With the Carbon Dioxide, it is poured by the Body cells into the veins, carried to the Heart, and pumped to the Lungs, where the Carbon Dioxide is thrown off. Going back to the Heart it is pumped all over the body, part of it going through a very large artery to the Liver, part through two large arteries to the Kidneys, part to the Skin, and the rest all over the remainder of the Body.

The blood goes completely round the body-circuit from the Heart to the Fingers and Toes, and back again to the Heart, in less than 45 seconds.

Practically every drop of Blood in the Body will be pumped through the Liver, the Kidneys and the Skin, about once every Half Minute, so that they get plenty of chance to purify it thoroughly when they are working properly”

This sounds rather complicated; but is interesting, because it demonstrates how much of a “Mind of their Own” the different organs in our bodies have, or what, in Scientific Language; we call “power of selection” The Skin Glands pick out of the blood those waste substances which they are able to get rid of. The Kidneys pick out another class of waste substances, which they are best able to deal with; while the Liver which is the most important of all, attacks almost every kind of waste brought to it by the blood, and prepares it for disposal by the Intestines, Skin, and Kidneys.


“Give the Chance to Your Skin to eliminate the Waste through Perspiration, for which it is responsible. Keep your skin thoroughly Clean and Healthy & do some physical activity so as to let it throw-out the waste that it can. If you keenly observe, the Perspiration is of somewhat the same character as the Urine”

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