The Brain Basics

The Brain Basics

March 13, 2013

We regard our Brain as the most Significant part of our body. And in one manner it is; as all the Organs and parts of the Body are connected to it through the Communication wired, called the Nerves. It is our Brain, with the help of which, all the parts or Organs of our Body works in complete Harmony with each other. And because of this it is regarded as the Central Control Unit of our Body. But this is partially true.

Basically the Brain is not the ruler of Body, but it’s Servant. Three-forth of its job is to act as a mare transmitter (or we say the Middle-Man); i.e. transmitting messages from one part of the body to another. The most important thing that we do with the Brain is what we call Thinking; but apart from this, we do number of other more important things either consciously of unconsciously.

Basic Features of the Brain

  • Just like Liver, It is a large Organ, weighing nearly three pounds when full grown. The two halves of the Brain are very much alike; each half receives messages from and controls the opposite half of the body – i.e. to say “the Left side of the body is controlled by Right Half of the Brain and, the Right Side by the Left Half of the Brain.”
  • The whole upper brain is a area of Superintendence, where it receive messages, compare them with each other, and with the records of previous messages which it has stored up, thus giving us the powers that we call Memory, Judgment, and Thought. Unfortunately, however, the long and careful studies that has been done in regard to the Brain, it is not known till now the way in which it carries out these most important processes of Memory, of Judgment, and of Thought, or even of the particular parts of it in which each of these is carried out.
  • No part of the Brain, for instance, seems to be specially devoted to Memory or Reason or Imagination; still less to any of the emotions, such as Anger, Joy, Jealousy or Fear; so all those who pretend to tell anything about our mental powers and our dispositions by feeling the shapes of our heads, or the bumps on them, are Pure Nonsense.

Most Delicate Part of the Brain

Just at the top of the Spinal Cord, where it passes into the skull and joins with the Brain, it swells out into a sort of knob, about the size of a Queen Olive which is known as the Medulla or Pith. This is the most critical single part of the entire Brain and Nervous System; and the smallest direct injury to it will produce instant death, partly because all the messages which pass between the Brain and the Body have to go through it, and partly because it has the centers situated in it which control Breathing and the Beat of the Heart. Apart from these, another quite important but less vital center – that for swallowing is also there in it.


“The best way to keep the Brain Clear and Vigorous is to keep the Muscles of the Stomach, the Liver, the Heart, and the entire Body in good Health”

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