How Alcohol Affects the Brain

How Alcohol Affects the Brain

April 23, 2013

Influence of the Alcohol on human brain and the nervous system is based on the fact that it hardens the albuminous substances existing in our body. To your knowledge, 40% of the matter in the corpuscles of the blood is albumen. This albumin is the same substance found in white of the Egg. White of the egg is clear, viscous, glue like substance and it is largely composed of albumen.

The albumen found in the egg is very near to the chemical composition of the albumen that is found in our body.

Now I will be performing a simple experiment with this albumen. I will just drench this with alcohol. If you will perform this simple experiment and focus your attention that what is happening by the time as you are continuously stirring it. You will see that after a time, it will reach at a stage that you can pick it up with a fork. And this is what, you have heard of coagulated albumen is in the nervous system and blood corpuscles. From this single strategic fact, we get an explanation of most of its ravages upon the blood and nerves and brain. And not only the health is impaired, but the person loses his mental stability and eventually becomes a beast. All of us, at sometime or the other, always encounter such people, who has benumbed their conscience and reason both, and become dangerous to society from the effects of a diseased brain. Alcohol basically hardens the albumen by absorbing and fixing the water it contains.

Some Myths about Moderate Alcohol drinking

Some of us are always under the impression that moderate Alcohol drinking is good for health. Everybody knows that heart start beating faster even after moderate Alcohol drinking. This fast beating is actually not a sign of Health, but of disease. What actually happens is that, it beats more rapidly because of the paralysis of the delicate nerves connected with the arteries. Consequence of this is arterial relaxation. That means, less resistance is offered to the blood while passing through the relaxed circulatory organs. This ultimately results in less additional force on the heart, and thus Heart beats more rapidly. So it beats faster simply because it has less force to overcome. Thus quickened pulse is a proof of disease and not of health.

Apart from this, a permanent redness in the face of a drunkard is very common. It is basically an indication of permanent injury to the blood vessels by alcohol.

The Law of Local Affinity – Local Affinity of Alcohol is for Brain

Alcohol deteriorates the blood by changing its color and chemical composition. The blood deterioration is greatly injurious to the brain on account of the fact that a large quantity of blood is sent to Brain.

Now Most poisons and medicines work according to a law of local affinity. That is to say, their major force is expended on particular organs, and sometimes on particular spots of particular organs. And all sciences have agreed to the fact that local affinity of alcohol is for the brain

The brain is the organ of the mind, and the temple and instrument of conduct and character. Anything that disorganizes brain, disorganizes mind and character, and thus disorganizes society.

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