The High Energy Value foods

The High Energy Value foods

February 25, 2013

The ultimate aim to take food inside our body is, to get energy or strength, which makes us go, live, work and enjoy; And it is the energy in food that is of prime importance. All the high energy foods come under one category – The Coal Foods. There are many different kinds of Coal foods, such as pork, mutton, bread, corn-cakes, bacon, potatoes, rice, sugar, cheese, butter, and so on. But when you come to look at them more closely, and to take them to pieces, or, as we say, analyze them, you will see that they all fall into three different kinds or classes of foods:

  • Proteins

Proteins are the most important elements in our daily diet; such as meat, milk, fish, eggs, cheese, etc. The Great element Nitrogen which forms the largest part of our body is found only and only in Proteins.

  • Starch-sugars (Carbohydrates):

All the Carbohydrate foods contain no or mare traces of nitrogen; but are easily digested and readily absorbed in the body. Found pure as Starch and as white sugar; also found, as starch, making up the bulk of wheat, potatoes, rice, peas and other grains; also found, as sugar, in honey, beet-roots, sugar cane, and the sap of maple trees.

Found in fat meats, butter, oil, nuts, beeswax, etc. Though, because of their high concentration, they take time in getting digested; but are able to keep you in high energy levels for longer periods of times

This whole class of these High Energy Foods can be recognized by the fact that usually some one of them will form the staple, or main dish, of almost any regular meal, which is generally a combination of all three classes – a protein in the shape of meat; a starch-sugar in the form of bread, potatoes, or rice; and a fat in the form of butter in northern climates, or of olive oil in the tropics.

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