Clothes and Health – Clothing for Healthy Skin

Clothes and Health – Clothing for Healthy Skin

March 25, 2013

There are number of reasonable inferences from modern investigations that Air-Hygiene is not only connected with Lungs but with Skin also. The Flow of Air may not only be shut out by tight houses but also by tight clothes. That means question of clothing for the Healthy Skin is closely related to the question of ventilation.

Thus the hygiene of clothing is greatly connected with ventilation, freedom from pressure, cleanliness. Clothes should be loose and perfectly comfortable. Loose and porous under-garments are always available, but for effective ventilation of our skin, it is required that our Outer Clothes should also allow free access of air to the skin. So, apart from inner garments, the Outer clothes, including men’s shirts, vests, vest-linings, and coat-linings and women’s gowns —should also be loose, porous and comfortable.

One of the most significant but almost completely neglected reforms is that most linings and many fabrics that are used for outer clothes are so tightly woven that they don’t allow the proper flow of AIR. To test a fabric, Place it over the mouth and blow the breath through it, and observe whether the breath easily passes through it.

There was a time when we were able to enjoy relief from clothing altogether. An air-bath supports a healthy skin and helps it in performing its intended functions properly. Not every one’s pocket allow him to visit air-bath establishments or outdoor gymnastics or take the modern nude air bath; but any one can spend sometime in a state of nature. There are some of the activities that can be done when we are off the clothes, such as Brushing the teeth, washing the hands, shaving, etc. These are some of the necessary activities which all of us do and these consume some time during which the luxury of an air-bath can be enjoyed.

“Exercises should also be taken, if possible, in this state or with minimal clothes on body. Exercising in cold air, if not too cold, with minimal clothing, is an excellent means of hardening the Skin and promoting good digestion”

Woolen Clothes

In winter, only the minimum amount of clothing should be worn that will provide you necessary warmth. Woolen works best in winter, but wool is a high absorbent of moisture, i.e. it will not give off the moisture quickly enough. Thus, if worn next to the skin, it gets saturated with perspiration. And this absorption, if get long entrapped in the wool, offer great disadvantage to the skin. Consequently woolen clothing is best only in form of overcoats and outer garments, designed especially for cold weather. The undergarments should be made of quickly drying and better conducting material, such as linen or Cotton.


“Nothing should be allowed to interfere with the proper Breathing of Your Skin to keep it Healthy – This is the key principle to be used while making the selection of Your Clothes”

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