How to Take Care of Your Skin ?

How to Take Care of Your Skin ?

May 3, 2013

Skin is the most wonderful and one of the most important organ in our body. It is not only the covering, but much more than that. To your knowledge, our skin is recognized as far superior to any clothing ever invented. A healthy skin provides a great assistance in proper functioning of nearly half of the organs of the body. It helps the Lungs to breathe, Heart to control the flow of Blood, and Kidneys to purify Blood.

Everybody, especially women, love their skin, primarily because this is the chief member of our Lookout department. But most of the ways and means being adopted for securing a healthy skin are wrong. We are continuously abusing our skin by making use of lot many chemicals upon it. Many of the common chemicals in skin care have not been thoroughly tested for safety and some studies show that these chemicals can mimic our natural hormones, aggravate our nervous systems, and impair our organs, causing many unwanted side effects. Also, when we apply chemicals to the skin, like every other organ, it has to work harder to detoxify itself, robbing it of its ability to naturally rejuvenate. Consider “green cleaning” your skin care. Check out these chemical offenders and be sure to read the label before applying a product to your skin. Keep in mind that this wonderful coat is far more delicate than the velvet.

CHEMICALS TO AVOID for Healthy Skin:

Dyes and Fragrances, Triclosan, Parabens, Phthalates, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS,) Polyethylene Glycol (PEG,) Talc, Benzyl Alcohol, Alcohol SD-40, Silicone, Dimethicone, and Mineral Oil.

Now that you know what to avoid, what are nature’s best skin healers? Look for the following ingredients that feed the skin healing botanicals, rather than mask it with chemicals.

What to USE:

Rich omega oils feed the skin rather then mask it. The same way fat can make our bottoms plump, it can also plump up the natural layer of fat under the skin, giving us a youthful appearance. Organic jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, and argon oil are excellent for the face, neck, and body.

Aloe vera gel is a super-rich moisturizer and a natural antibacterial. The best moisturizers use aloe vera as their base, not water like most chemical skin care products. You are getting your money’s worth if this or an organic oil are listed as your product’s first ingredient.

Herbs and essences like chamomile, lavender, citrus oils, tea tree oil, and other essential oils are excellent for renewing and detoxifying.

Beauty does not have to be expensive – read the labels and choose organic and natural ingredients that heal the skin, rather than cover it in chemicals. Natural beauty can be effortless, effective, and ageless when you choose nature’s timeless healing botanicals.

Apart from this, there are other things that need to be considered for having a healthy skin:

Outside Cleaning of skin is important but more important is cleanliness from inside:

Although external cleaning and washing of skin is important, but more important is attention from inside. All the organs inside the body must be kept in healthy condition in order to have a healthy skin. Make every effort to keep yourself healthy from inside. Be it through developing the habits of Healthy Lifestyle.

Avoid Permanent Tattooing:

Skin does not require anything to be made permanent on it. One of the very important feature of skin is that it keep on shedding itself in form of fine, dry scaly cells. In this ways, it keeps itself wonderfully fresh and clean. Shedding cells are so fine that these are merely visible to naked eye.  This is the reason, why no mark, not even of stain or dye, stays on it for long.

The permanent marks that we call tattooing is the result of prinking of colors so deep that it crosses the basement layer of skin and reaches cells which do not grow toward surface of skin. This operation is as foolish as is painful. It poisons the blood and brings other diseases with it. Avoid this non-sense absolutely.

Clothing for Healthy Skin:

Type of clothing you wear directly affect the Health of Skin. There are sweat Glands in Skin. These Glands are just in the form of fine capillaries protruding from skin through the deepest layer of skin. These Glands soaks and pick out waste stuff from the blood, together with great amount of water and little oil, and pours out these on surface of skin. These oil traces helps to lubricate skin and make it soft. So if your skin is healthy, then there is no need of any artificial lubrication to the Skin. Loose clothes helps to evaporate the waste stuff brought through these Glands and thus skin remains healthy. If clothing will be tight then these Glands will be blocked and skin will not be able to perform its function properly.

Bathing and skin Health:

Any scale, dirt or pollution that blocks these Glands, can be easily removed with proper bathing. Yes, most of us take our bath daily, but there are certain things that you must know to have best health benefits:

Best form of bath is either tub or Shower Bath. Cooler the water, provided you can warm up to it, quickly and pleasantly, greater the tonic effect. Cool water enhances the tone of your skin and makes it healthy. Remember, the water should not be ice cool, it may do equal harm. Hot baths should be taken, if at all, not more than once or twice a week. Hot baths takeout large proportion of natural oil than nature provide for softening of skin.

Facts about Soaps:

Soaps that dissolve quickly into water and are too lathery should be absolutely avoided. Soaps with too much foam or softness contains large amount of soda or alkali which makes your skin dry and dull. Also, avoid dark colored and heavily perfumed soaps, these are also equally unsafe. Medicated soaps should be used only under strict medical supervision, and are never recommended for healthy skin.

Avoid using Scrubbers on skin:

Skin is the most delicate part of our bodies. As already told, it is ten times delicate than the velvet, so don’t abuse it by scrubbing.

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