Why We Need Sleep

Why We Need Sleep

March 25, 2013

Sleep or Rest plays a key role in keeping us in good Health. Whenever we do any activity, whether Physical or Mental, our body starts getting loaded with the toxins. As we do continuous work of any of these mentioned forms, the toxins load in our body increases. The speed of Removal, or so called burning of these waste substances, is determined by the ability of Our Lungs and Heart. More is their capacity in a person; we say that the person has high Stamina. As mentioned in “The Basic Rules of Exercise”, these toxins are called Fatigue Toxins. The only way to get rid from these Toxins, beyond the Capacity of Lungs or Heart, is to take rest.  However, even the change of occupation, sometimes, do a better job in getting these toxins off. The reason is that, the continues activity of one kind, using a particular part of muscles or Brain, poisons that part more and change of occupation if relaxes that part, and  we feel better.

But after one point of time, in even the strongest and toughest of us, there comes a period when no change of occupation or merely sitting still, will make us feel better; we begin to feel drowsy, and at this point of time, only Sleep has the ability to wash-off these accumulated toxins and restore our  Body Stamina.

Proper ventilation in Rooms – Principle Requirement for Health

This can be understood from the fact that – All day long we breathe-out more carbon dioxide than the oxygen we breathe in; but, while sleeping, the situation gets reversed – the oxygen makes a gain over carbon dioxide. And this is the reason that it is always recommended to keep the Rooms well ventilated.

How Sleep benefits Your Health?

Sleeping and working (can be Physical or Mental) are simply parts of the great rhythm in which all life beats – i.e. a period of work followed by a period of Rest. Continuous, never-ceasing activity of one kind, for any living being, quickly means Death.

  • The processes of growth and up-building probably occur more rapidly when we are asleep than when we are awake.
  • The benefits of Exercise are made Permanent and become the part of your body during the sleep that follows it.
  • The fast growth of young animals follows from the fact that they spend most of their time in Sleeping.

That means, when you sleep, you are not actually stopping all the useful activities of your body and mind; but, you are simply offering a chance to some of the most useful and important of these, to work. Really we are never more alive and growing than we are asleep.

How Much Sleep You Need?

The Young Children should have as much as sleep as they need; And the best rule for you, is to go to bed when you feel sleepy, and to get up when you wake rested.

Every child under twelve should have a sleep for ten hours at least and every grown person for eight hours, or better still, nine hours.

“Time spent in sound, refreshing sleep, is the time well spent

 If you can’t sleep well, it is an indication that something is wrong with your health, or your habits – a danger signal of immense importance, which should be attended to at once. The best and only safe sleep-producer is Exercise in the open air.

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