How to Keep your Teeth Healthy

How to Keep your Teeth Healthy

May 1, 2013

The best rule to keep every organ in our body in healthy condition is to give it plenty of exercise, and this is also true for our teeth. The best exercise for teeth is thorough chewing, or masticating all our food. Not only carbohydrates such as breads, biscuits, and cereals, but food of any sort. Make it a habit. Thorough chewing is not only a valuable exercise for the teeth, but it makes them easier for the stomach to digest. When you chew your food thoroughly, it gets thoroughly mixed with the saliva, which enables change of starch present into sugar. Exercise of teeth can be secured also by eating plenty of foods that require a good deal of chewing, especially the crusts of bread, and vegetables such as corn, parched grains, celery, lettuce, nuts and popcorn.

How Mouth Breathing affect your Teeth Health

If we are mouth-breathers, our jaws will grow out of shape, so that our teeth become irregular and do not meet each other properly in chewing. When they not meet properly, then thorough mastication becomes impossible, and vigorous mastication, is one of the most important means of keeping them sound and healthy.

Brush your Teeth at least two times a day

The next important thing to keep the teeth healthy is to keep them thoroughly clean. Any compromise in cleaning will result in acid formation because of scraps of food left between them after eating. Scraps of meats are not so harmful as that of starch, but the best rule is to keep the teeth clear from all sorts of scraps. Moderate and gentle use of a quill, followed by a thorough brushing after each meal will remove these scraps. Make sure to use a rather stiff, firm brush. If some scraps get lodged between the teeth, then use floss-silk or linen threads to remove out these.

Other rules of brushing your Teeth for their better Health:

This brushing should be given not only to the teeth, but to the entire surface of the gums as well. Enormous research findings have concluded that it is the gums that make or spoil the health of the teeth. Thus they, like other body parts, require plenty of exercise and pressure in order to keep them healthy. The most practical way to make up for this is by vigorous massage and scrubbing with a tooth-brush for five minutes at least two times a day. It will hurt and even make the gums bleed at first; but you will be surprised how quickly immune to it with great strength.

How clean Teeth affect your total overall Health

There are enormous health benefits of strong and healthy teeth. For instance, the health of your stomach, blood and the whole body, is greatly influenced by health of Teeth. The mouth, being continually moist and warm and full of chinks and pockets, furnishes an ideal breeding ground for all kinds of germs. On an average, an unclean human mouth, contain at approx. thirty different species of germs, each numbering in millions! Among them, sometimes of germs of serious diseases such as pneumonia, diphtheria, and blood-poisoning, just waiting for their opportunity to attack the body. As a matter of fact, a dirty, neglected mouth is one of the commonest causes of disease.

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