Why do We Need to Cook our Food?

Why do We Need to Cook our Food?

May 2, 2013

Just pick up a group of 10 people and ask each of them the same question, You will wonder that everyone of them will be having different opinions. This is because of the fact that many of us, does not even feel the importance of such questions. But this is very important question as this is an important aspect of Healthy Living. Let us see how:-

Cooking Improves the Flavor & Taste of Food

Yes, this fact is known to everybody. But how important these aspects are, this is known to very few of us. The taste and flavor of food is of immense importance as far as our health is concerned, as these aspects of the food provide a great aid in digestion of food. As soon as food reaches our mouth, if it has good flavor, then it helps the secretion of appetite juices in stomach. Secretion of these juices is must for digestion. So any food to be thoroughly good food, must “taste good”, otherwise it will not be digested properly.

Cooking makes food soft, and hence easier to chew & digest

The second important role of cooking the food is to make it soft. As we already know that our stomach can take care of food in liquid or pulpy form. So to convert the food in pulpy form, it must be thoroughly chewed; and for thorough chewing, softening of food is must. We could hardly eat different grains & meals and flour in proper amounts unless they are cooked.

Cooking Sterilizes Food

The third and the most important services rendered by cooking is that it kills any germs or animal parasites, present in our food. Those families, who have the habit of thoroughly cooking their food, suffer least from diseases of Stomach & Intestine.

Caution during Cooking

While cooking waste a little of nutritious value of any food if done properly, although make is healthier. But if carelessly or stupidly done, it waste a great deal of food value and make it less digestible & harmful. Thus, you must be acquainted with proper methods of cooking for sound health of your family.

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