How do you get diseases? – The Real Disease

How do you get diseases? – The Real Disease

April 28, 2013

Most of us, either Doctors or lay always remain under the impression that every disease is individual and unique. But this is not so. In reality, there is only one disease that is Filthiness. Any disease that is known to man is nothing but manifestation of this Disease.

Filthiness is not of skin, but of interior of the body. Every disease takes birth from impure Blood Stream. Blood stream becomes impure principally because of indigestion and constipation. Perplexing causes of indigestion & constipation are wrong eating habits, too much stress, wrong thinking, lack of fresh air and ingestion of sedatives & stimulants.

Actually the Mother Nature has incorporated each and every facility that aid in removal of toxins. Toxins are everywhere. And these toxins get in our body through many ways, i.e. through foods, through drinks and through air. Liver, for instance, is the biggest toxin removal organ, then are Kidneys and Skin. In a healthy person, these organs perform their intended function properly and toxins get out of the body without any harm. But whenever, because of certain reasons, if our body is not able to get rid off these toxins, then these start getting accumulated in our body. These accumulated toxins, makes the Blood impure and then deterioration of each cell in the body starts. All chronic diseases such as heart, rheumatism, asthma, diabetes, kidney diseases are nothing but manifestation of this very Disease that is Filthiness.

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