Health Benefits of Coconut oil

Health Benefits of Coconut oil

May 2, 2013

It is a well known fact that excess of everything is bad. It applies to adipose (fat) also, but Lauric is a specific type of fat acid which can empower your body’s immune system. Lauric acid is mainly found in Mother’s milk and Coconut oil.

People are in different impressions in relation to Adipose (fat) and fatty acids. Fatty food intake, increases the chances of diseases like obesity, high Blood pressure and heart disease and stroke. One aspect of these things is true. The Lauric acid is a specific type of fatty acid, which is found only in coconut oil after mother’s milk, which is highly beneficial on the contrary.

Interesting Facts about Lauric acid

Yes, mother’s milk is the biggest gift of nature to a baby and thus is nothing less than a blessing. Mother’s milk consolidate a number of nutrients for the health of baby and in the baby’s immune system. When the mother’s milk was analyzed, it showed that it contains 50 percent fat (saturated fat), of which 20 percent is Lauric acids. Lauric acid is a specific type of fatty acid.

After the mother’s milk, coconut oil is the best source second Lauric acid, of which 50 per cent is Saturated fat which contains 50 percent of Lauric acid.

Effective in which diseases?

According to Dr. Rose Marie D’Souza, coconut oil helps in prevention of serious diseases like obesity, Heart diseases, liver diseases, skin problems, diabetes, premature aging and osteoporosis etc. Apart from these there are some evidences which says that coconut oil also helps in maintaining the right cholesterol levels in the blood. In this context the question arises, how much Coconut Oil should be consumed daily? Daily recommended dose of Coconuts oil of 5-10 gms, along with daily healthy and varied diet.

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