What is immunity or immune system?

What is immunity or immune system?

May 28, 2013

Immunity is generally defined as a defensive mechanism gifted by nature to guard us against all the dangers that come in our way. Air, Water, and Food that we take in, besides nourishment, contain all the possibilities of these dangers. These dangers are mainly attributed to the presence of toxins or disease germs in everything. You can’t avoid them. Even the best hygiene practices, if employed, won’t be able to eliminate them completely. Mother Nature had anticipated this long ago and thus provided us with every facility inside our bodies that aid in removal of these toxins or disease germs.

Whenever any disease germs get in our bodies, our defensive system activates particular kind of cells to fight against them and kill them. Then these dead germs get out of our bodies through our excretory organs, i.e. through solid waste, urination, perspiration and through breathed out air.

Any degeneration of these cells impairs their ability to fight. As a result, the disease germs are not killed, but conversely, get amplified and eventually results in a particular kind of disease depending upon the nature of disease germs.

So, immunity is nothing but power or ability of these cells protects us against all the harms that disease germs or toxins can bring. Immunity is regarded as the best doctor in the world. It is generally said that, no disease has power to affect you, if you have strong immune system.

Although nature has provided us every means of protection, but invariably, she also demands something from us. She wants nothing, but only an adoption of healthy living habits. Healthy habits includes: healthy food intake, healthy eating habits, regular exercise in open air, mental exercise, proper ventilation and cleanliness etc.

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