Health Benefits – Physical activity

Health Benefits – Physical activity

May 6, 2013

An active life is a life worth living. It is nature’s one of the fundamental rule for healthy life. Our universe is filled with number of instances where we can clearly observe the evidences of this particular statement. Pick-up any living entity, whenever it starts getting inactive, its decaying process starts. And this rule applies to everybody. Now, All the animals do not have any rational power, thus are guided by nature, but man is the only one who interferes with nature, and ultimately pays for it. Besides, man is the only animal that indulges into inactivity because of his wrong living habits. These habits are developed when much importance is given to something else rather than health. For instance, most of the people in America are under the influence of obesity primarily because of inactive lifestyle.

There are many health benefits of regular physical activity. And enormous research has been conducted in this area, focusing people at different age groups, sex, and varying health conditions. Most of these research findings concluded that, in majority of the cases, health of the people get better after regular physical activity.

Physical activity is found to have positive results in following aspects:

Improved appetite

Improvement in bone health

Lower risk of Blood Pressure

Lowers the risk of Diabetes, Colon cancer, and Blood cancer.

Reduced depression.

Make the mind sharp

Improved sleep

Lower risk of premature death

Physical activity does not need to be hard. The exercises involving light, quick and whole body movements will provide the great results; for instance, simple brisk walking and jogging. Furthermore, you need not to take any kind of special training to perform these activities, but only the will.

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