Common Causes of Headaches

Common Causes of Headaches

June 7, 2013

Indeed, it is not wrong to say that headache is one among the most annoying pains in the world. But, you may be surprised to know that, it has little to do with the condition of the brain. In fact, it’s occurrence is mainly contributed to the extreme sensitiveness of the nerves of head and face, and are the first one to cry out when gets hurt.

Hence headache is simply the cry of poisoned or starved or over-worked nerves, and invariably a nature’s signal that something is going wrong. Toxins, or poisons, formed anywhere in the body, from any cause, get into the blood, and then carried to the sensitive nerves of the head and face. As a reason, irritate them, so they ache. Thus, it is foolish to try anything on head itself for relief from this pain; although application of cold cloths, or hot-water bottle, may prove soothing in mild cases. Nearly all the things that cause headache do so by poisoning the blood. And the only permanent cure to this is to clear these poisons out of the blood, i.e. remove the cause that causes it.

Let us have a look at the most common causes of Headache…

The First cause – Tiredness or Fatigue:

As you already know, a very common cause of headache is over-tiredness, especially if you don’t get enough sleep; and tiredness, or fatigue is nothing but a form of self-poisoning. Thus it is always recommended not to indulge continuously in one type of work, otherwise fatigue or tiredness is sure to come.

The Second cause – The Waste Poisons:

Another very common cause of headache is bad or foul air. Sitting or sleeping in hot, stuffy rooms with the windows shut tight, is the indirect welcome to not only headache but every disease. Doing this will not let you get enough oxygen into your blood for burning up the waste poisons that your own cells are making all the time. Apart from this, you are also breathing in the waste poisons from other people’s lungs, and the germs that are always in bad air. So try to sit and sleep in as fresh air as you can.

The Third cause – Eye Strain:

Another very common cause of headache is eye-strain. Whenever you find that, when you try to read, the letters begin to dance before your eyes, and your head soon begins to ache, it is a sign that you need to have your eyes examined and perhaps a pair of glasses fitted to enable you to see properly.

The Fourth cause – Constipation and Digestion disturbances:

Constipation and disturbances of digestion also very often cause headache by poisoning the blood.

In short, a headache always means that something is going wrong; and the thing to do is to set to work at once to see if you can find out what has caused it, and then to remove the cause. If you cannot find out the cause, then go to a doctor and ask him to tell you what it is, and what to do to get rid of it.


Unless completely unavoidable, don’t swallow a dose of some kind of headache medicine, and go on with your work, or your bad habits of eating, or using your eyes. Indeed, it may relieve the pain temporarily, but it doesn’t do anything whatever to remove the cause and leaves you just as badly off as you were before you took it. Besides, most of these headache medicines are narcotics, or pain-deadeners; and in more than very moderate doses they are poisons, and often dangerous ones. These are likely to have a weakening effect upon the nerves; and, while not very dangerous in small doses, they are very bad things to get into the habit of using.

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