Insomnia – Real Cause, Remedies for Insomnia

Insomnia – Real Cause, Remedies for Insomnia

March 27, 2013

Many people complain that they can’t sleep well. This they repeat the same to themselves and to others several times a day. At night they ask themselves why they can not sleep. They do it so often that it eventually becomes a powerful negative suggestion, strong enough to prevent their going to sleep. In real sense, It is an obsession. Real insomnia exists merely in the mind of the sufferer. Every physician, sooner or later, come in contact with people who say that they can’t sleep well. The doctors, who give them sleeping powders or tablets, make a blunder mistake. These drugs are taken at the expense of deterioration of our nervous system, which eventually end-up a person with bankrupted nerves or a failing heart. To be effective, the size of the dose have to be increased from time to time; But at last, the result will be some form of disease, either Physical or Mental.

Those who are troubled with sleep disorder obsession, will soon realize that they can also sleep well as others, if they cease thinking and talking so much about this subject. Results are there which show that people suffering from this bad habit have recovered even in one week.

Those who are taking drugs for sleep generally will have few bad nights when they give them up; but after a time, the nervous storm subsides and sleep becomes normal. All drugs should be absolutely discarded. The physician who understands the nature better than about the giving of drugs, generally have the best success in these cases. Sound sleep always comes to people possessing a controlled mind in a healthy body.


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