Good Night Sleep – 7 Secrets to Sound Sleep

Good Night Sleep – 7 Secrets to Sound Sleep

March 26, 2013

A sound sleep at night for a minimum of eight hours is necessary for every person.  Not only the sound sleep ensure long and healthy life, but it will make the coming day new day more pleasing and enjoyable, as it is sound sleep only, that can give freshness and energy, which are the absolute necessities in life. We have listed seven secrets, which if followed, can improve your sleep soundness a lot:

  1. Do not disturb Your Sleep pattern: Try to go to bed at the same time every evening and get up at the same time every morning. This will help your body to work out a healthy sleep routine.
  2. Sleeping time: As already discussed in Why We need Sleep”, Every child under twelve years of age should sleep for at least 10 Hrs in 24 hrs, and every grown person for 8 Hrs, or better still, 9 hours. But the Best rule says that you must go to bed, when you feel sleepy and wake up when you feel rested; i.e. to says, even if the instincts are strictly followed, you will remain healthy.
  3. Keep a Buffer for Relaxation, before going to bed: This is very important. Leave any work you do, well before going to bed, be it physical or Mental. This relaxation will relieve you from the unwanted processes happening inside the body or mind, which may offer hindrance to Your Sleep. Sort out any problems well before going to bed.
  4. Comfort and Ventilation in the Your Bed Room: Make Your Bedroom comfortable and pleasing in every respect; i.e. complete silence, sufficiently dark, Proper Ventilation, good temperature control and everything that pleases you.
  5. Alcohol, Tobacco, Cigarettes – Always Stay Away From them: Nature has clearly marked them off from our whole list of real foods, showing that they are not necessary to either life or health; and almost always harmful. While these beverages may seems to give small amounts of energy to the body, but their real effects is stimulation of the nervous system, Brain and Heart, or their discomfort-deadening (Narcotic) effect. Children must always be kept away from these, as they offer very detrimental effects on the Nervous system, and healthy nervous system is the absolute necessity for good sleep. 
  6. Limit the use of Tea, Coffee, and Cocoa: All of these have caffeine in them, though the nature and amount may vary in each. For e.g. – The caffeine of tea is called Thein, and that of cocoa Theobromin; but practically they are the same substance. Caffeine acts as a mild stimulant both to the nervous system, Brain, and the Heart; as is shown by the way in which tea or coffee refresh us when tired, or, if drunk too late at night, can keep us from going to sleep. And if these are used in large amounts, especially as a substitute for food, these may upset the nervous system and disturb the Heart, and produce an unwholesome craving for more. 
  7. Do not make a habit of sleeping in Day Time: Sleeping during the day will make you much more difficult to sleep well at night. If the sleep is extremely necessary, may be because of last late night wake-up, then try to limit this sleep about thirty minutes. Make sure to getup at least 4 hours before going back to bed.

“And at last, do not make use of Sleeping Pills, until unless they are completely unavoidable”

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