Getting Exhausted – Try these Simple tips for Relaxation

Getting Exhausted – Try these Simple tips for Relaxation

May 3, 2013

Relaxation Tips

Simple Relaxation Tips

Youthfulness is filled with excitement and enthusiasm. But fatigue is often extra hard. Body becomes sluggish. We don’t like work; just feel the need to rest.

Here are some simple tips for getting yourself relaxed

  • Gently massage your face with the tip of two Fingers. It will improve the blood circulation, which make you will feel that your fatigue is cleaned. You can also get facials parlor with saffron and turmeric to have better effect.
  • Lightly massage on either side of the nose, while moving gradually from the portion between the two eyes from the nose tip to under the eyes.
  • Gentle massage of Eye Brow inside out, will make you feel good. From the outer edges of the eyes, reach your forehead with gentle massage.
  • Several times, the use of Perfumed oil can avoid the exhaustion of the body.  Light massage with fragrant flowers will make you feel Fresh. Or massage with oil made of flowers relieve stress.
  • Make a loud peal by visiting an open garden full of flowers, all tiredness will go in minutes.
  • Splashing Lots of cold water on the face will make you feel fresh. Rather better is that you enjoy a long bath, and if possible in Bath Tub, It will bring the freshness in the whole body.
  • Take foot spa. If not possible, take slightly warm water, add some flowers and Trachyspermum-ammi to it. Now, put the feet up and sit for a while. This service of the legs and feet will make you fresh and will also be beneficial to your beauty.
  • The simplest, most loving, the best way is to go to sleep. The sweet sleep for a while any way will remove all your tiredness.

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