Indoor Air Quality and Health

Indoor Air Quality and Health

March 26, 2013

Proper ventilation of rooms where we live in, is the principle requirement for Healthy living; though, its importance is not understood to the extent that it should be. The important fact to keep in mind is that – the air shut up in a room, or house, with people, rapidly becomes unwholesome and poisonous to Breathe. We breathe at approx. eighteen to twenty times in a minute, when we are grown up, and twenty-five to thirty times in a minute, when we are children.  From these figures, you can easily guess, how quickly the air in a normal-sized room becomes foul, dangerous and unfit for further breathing, as it gets loaded with these bad-smelling lighter gases, which we ourselves breathe-out.

Impurities of Indoor Air

The worst impurities in air are those that come from our own breath; and, surprisingly enough, carbon dioxide is not one of them. In spite of thousands of experiments, we are not known yet that what exactly these impurities are? Though without any question, they are given-off from our lungs, skin, mouth, and teeth.

The Necessity for Ventilation

The only way to keep the good quality air in the room, i.e. fit for human beings to live, is to have a drought  or Free flow of air, driving into it through open windows, or open doors, or by any means, at least as rapidly as it is being breathed by the persons who occupy that room. Following hundreds of tests, this has now been found that the Breathe volume requirement for each person is at approx 4 bushels in a minute, and any system of proper ventilation must supply this amount of air to make a room fit to live and breathe.

If a person, for instance, by chance gets shut into a bank-vault, or any other air-tight chamber, then only after few minutes he will begin to feel suffocated; and in a few hours he will be dead, unless some one opens the door.

“So it is important to remember that consciously or unconsciously, we will be poisoning ourselves, if we will not give full chance to Nature to ventilate us”

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