Healthy Ways to Gain Weight

Healthy Ways to Gain Weight

April 29, 2013

So my thin friends, if you have tried everything for gaining weight and got no success, then this article, you must go thought till the end. Gaining weight is more of a commitment rather than a plan. First of all, bear in mind that everything that happens, happens because of reasons. Sometimes the reasons are so trivial that we don’t even think of them. Most of these trivial reasons for underweight are as below. Follow the instructions, and have patience.

Stop Worrying needlessly:

Do you ever feel, when you worry needlessly, how tense your nerves & muscles are? This constant stress wastes hundreds of calories of energy, which would otherwise be part of your body. Other side effects are high blood pressure and poor digestion. And it is impossible to gain with poor digestive system. Hence mental control & relaxation of muscles is great aid in improving your health.

Weight gain and Sleep – Maintain a regular Sleep patterns:

Sleep is a very important factor in relation to health. It has been concluded a long ago that sleep, less than minimum daily need, is the foremost factor in reducing your immunity. Reduced immunity is the welcome signal to Every health problem. Have a sleep for minimum of 8 hrs at night & develop a regular sleeping patterns. Schedule right time for bed at night & right time for wake-up.

Exercise for Gaining Weight:

Exercise is always recommended for gaining weight. Violent exercise, especially for the skinny people, should be absolutely avoided. Quick and light exercises that involve complete body movement are good for you. Make sure to start with less & increase gradually. In this way, appetite will be stimulated and organs will perform their functions better.

Food and Weight Gain:

Food is only source of body substance. Now if you have small appetite, & most of you have, then the stomach is undoubtedly contracted. This contraction can be overcome by gradually training it. You must add little more in very meal than your stomach can take care. Although this may cause some distress, but remember that stomach is under the course of training. Train your Stomach until you have developed its capacity comparable to the capacity of a normal person of your age. Despite this, you need to calculate your daily calorie intake. Try to increase it gradually.

Thorough mastication:

Don’t take it lightly. Chew your food thoroughly. It is one of the prime causes of ill health that people are suffering these days. Besides, it is the also the cause of both underweight and overweight.

Get your teeth X-rayed:

Blind abscesses at roots will cause all sorts of aches & pains, as well as underweight.

Do not talk too much:

Tremendous amount of energy is used up in taking. This habit is a common error among most of you.

Do not drink during meals:

Drinking during meals should be avoided if possible. It leads to poor digestion & ill health.


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