Toothpastes and Tooth Brushes – Things to Consider

Toothpastes and Tooth Brushes – Things to Consider

May 26, 2013

The first and the foremost purpose of brushing your teeth is to keep the teeth clear from the food debris.  And clearing these doesn’t require any use of chemicals. In previous times, people were only using the natural tooth brushes such as certain tree twigs and miswak. Observe any golden-ager in your family or in neighborhood with healthy teeth.  Ask him the secret behind. 99% of the times, you will hear the same answer – through cleaning with what nature has provided. If you can adopt the similar habit, nothing can be better than this. But it takes time and effort. In this respect, I would say one thing

“Nothing is free in this world. If you want something, you have to pay the price for it”

The same statement applies to every aspect of health also.

Toothpastes and Tooth powders: 

Most of the tooth pastes and powders available in the market contain chemicals. These chemicals are present in them in various combinations. Exact composition, however, can vary with particular manufacturer, but typical formulation contains: abrasive (10-40%), humectant – for moisture retention (20-70%), water (5-30%), binder (1-2%), detergent (1-3%), flavor (1-2%) and preservative (0.05-0.5%). For each particular function, different chemicals are used by different manufacturers. The chemicals are kept under certain limits so as not to offer any damage to teeth. But, after all, chemicals are chemicals. These should be used carefully and within limits. Too frequent use can affect the protection layer, i.e. Enamel.

Medicated toothpastes:

Medicated toothpastes contains additional chemicals and for specific purpose. Keep in mind, any drug that has a power to cure some disease, will surely bring ill effects to one with good health. And medicated tooth pastes come under the category of drugs. So medicated tooth pastes are never recommended for general use. Always consult your doctor prior to using them. Apart from this, medicated soaps should not be continued for long time.

Children supervision during Brushing:

Children should be thoroughly supervised during brushing. Children have a habit of swallowing some quantity of paste. The chemicals in paste may prove harmful in swallowed in large amounts. Recommended usage for them is only pea size amount. Some manufacturers are making toothpastes with low fluoride content for infant usage. Consider using these if available.


Brushes should be used with bristles that are stiff and of varying lengths. Different lengths make it possible for Bristles to reach at the innermost crevices. You should Practice training your teeth with gradual increase in Brush stiffness till the time they get habitual to them.

Another important aspect – Do not rub too hard on your teeth or gums; make use of tip of the Bristles with gentle pressure.

TIP: Never brush your teeth after meal, especially when you have had fruits, drinks, wine or food with acids. These acids weaken the enamel layer for short duration; so immediate brushing after meal can put your teeth in danger.

Make sure to see ADA (American Dental Association) seal before Purchase.

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